Recommended by Miss Leung Wing Yee
Author James Buckley Jr.
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis JEREMY LIN is an overnight basketball success!  But in order for him to have been ready for his big opportunity, he had to put in years of hard work and practice.  Follow along as we trace Jeremy’s rise from his high-school days, college hoops at Harvard, and bouncing around the NBA to his awesome, unprecedented performances with the New York Knicks.  It’s Lin-credible!
If you like JEREMY LIN, don’t hesitate to borrow this book from our school library.  You will know more about JEREMY LIN and how to be a successful basketball player! 



Recommended by Ms CHEUNG Ching Man
Title Caitlin-the Ice Bear Fairy
Author Daisy Meadows
Publisher Orchard books
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.5 students
Synopsis This is about the Magical Animal Fairies who look after seven young Magical Animals, and train them to use their powers wisely, for the good of Fairyland and the human world. But the animals have been stolen.  In this final book in the series, Caitlin needs the girls' help to rescue her beloved Ice Bear from the human world.  Can Caitlin find the missing magical animal?
I think this is a great book because it makes great description of what happen in the past and the future.  I would definitely recommend this book to one you. If you want to know the result of this story, go to our library and read this book.



Recommended by Ms CHEUNG Ching Man
Title The Three Little Pirates
Author Georgie Adams
Publisher Early Reader
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.5 students
Synopsis Trixy, Tammy and Trig are three little girl pirates who live aboard the Lucky Lobster with their pets Mullet the dog, Kipper the cat and a parrot called Gulliver.  The three little pirates have lots of adventures on the salty seas, but they're about to face their most dangerous mission of all!

This book was good fun to read. It's about 3 pirates who go on a rescue adventure.  It gives you a chance to use the imagination and practise their voices for different characters.  The pictures are also very good and give you more to think about and discuss whilst reading the book.  Please go to our library and read this book.



Recommended by Ms Leung Wing Yee
Author Tony Bradman
Publisher Gorgi Pups
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis This story is about the ghost teacher.  Do you what to know what does she look like?

Look… there by the dustbins, what do you see?  A shimmering and a glimmering, and a figure forming in the darkness.  It is the Ghost Teacher……  Class Three are the worst class ever.  They do lots of crashing and bashing, nose-picking and flicking, fighting, fidgeting.  No teachers can control Class Three.  Until Miss Shade – the Ghost Teacher – pays them a visit…..

Do you want to know what will happen next?  What will Miss Shade do with Class Three students?  Is she a scary ghost teacher or a funny ghost teacher?  If you want to read this story, borrow this book from the school library now. 



Recommended by Ms Li Kwok Yan
Title Tamara The Tooth Fairy
Author Daisy Meadows
Publisher Orchard Books
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis Do you believe that there are tooth fairies in the world?  If you believe it, I recommend you to read this interesting storybook about Tamara the tooth fairy.
The main character, Kirsty Tate puts her tooth under her pillow, waiting for the fairy’s collection.  However, nobody comes to collect it!  Kirsty and her best friend Rachel then found out that Jack Frost has asked goblins to steal the three magical objects from the tooth fairy.  Without the magical objects, Tamara the tooth fairy can do nothing!  What will happen in the end?  Can Kirsty and Rachel help to get them back?  Go to the school library to borrow this book and find the answer!



Recommended by Ms Ng Wing Yin Priscilla
Title The Boy Who Could Fly
Author Sally Gardner
Publisher Orion
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.5-6 students
Synopsis What is your wish for your coming birthday? A robot, a TV game or a new backpack? Thomas Top is a 9 year-old boy who has to cancel his birthday party since he is terribly sick. One day the Fat Fairy turns up at Thomas' house to grant him a birthday wish. Thomas doesn’t believe it and he can't think what to ask for, so he wishes he could fly as a joke.

It turns real when Thomas flies up to the ceiling at school the next day! Since then, Thomas has become the most popular boy at school. This unique gift from the Fat Fairy brings him lots of fun and joy but heartache too. It makes him sad that other people can't see the wonderful things he can do. His flying even gets him suspended from school, and that makes life at home much worse.

One day Thomas meets a man who has been flying since he was Thomas's age. How can he help Thomas? Can his magical gift help to make things better? How did the Fat Fairy help his family? Let’s get this book from the Magical Children Series at our school library and enjoy this lovely story. 

Recommended by Ms Ng Wing Yin, Priscilla
Title Mr Bean's Joke Book
Author Rod Green
Publisher Carlton Books Ltd
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis Mr. Bean, which is one of the funniest comedies among children, is famous all over the world. The main character Mr. Bean is a very hilarious man who likes nothing better than cracking a joke. And here they are, all his favourites, packed into this book.

Mr. Bean’s Joke Book contains over 300 short silly stories, questions and dialogues that he has inspired. You can also learn more about the culture and living styles of western countries through reading his jokes. If you are a funny person or a big fan of Mr. Bean, this is a must-read for you! Let’s take a break and relax yourself by reading this book. Go to the library, grab the book near the check-out counter and share the jokes with your friends.



Recommended by Ms Li Kwok Yan
Title The Invisible Bunny
Author Holly Webb
Publisher Scholastic
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis This book is about a girl called Molly, who has magical way with animals.  She can talk to magical animals.  At Kitty’s birthday party, Molly met The Amazing Albert, the magician.

The magician came to perform a magical show and he pulled out a beautiful snow-white rabbit from his magical hat.  The rabbit is called Snowdrop.  Molly tried to reach into the hat with Kitty.  She pulled Snowdrop out of the hat again and she became pink!  However, not everyone was as convinced as Molly was.  Her cousin Louis doesn’t believe it’s real magic, he thought it was a trick.  Albert then found out Molly is able to talk to animals… So what will happen to Molly and the magician Albert?  Do you believe that there’s real magic in the world?  Come and borrow this book and share your thoughts with us!



Recommended by Ms Cheung Ching Man
Title Freddy! King of Flurb
Author Peter Hannan
Publisher Harper
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.5 students
Synopsis Babette gets great grades and is loved by al.  Freddy is always trying to intercept the report cards before Mom and Dad see them, and his teachers always want him to be more like Babette.  When Freddy got sent to bed for changing his sister's grades from A to D+ some thing was waiting for him.  Speeding ahead at 62-million-light-year speed, the family lands on Flurb and Freddy is named King.  So how is it that a self-proclaimed Loser is king?  And how will he fend off all of his enemies -new and old?  This is the first in a transitional chapter book for elementary readers.

This book was good fun to read. If you are interested in reading this book, go to our library and read this book.



Recommended by Ms Leung Wing Yee
Title Stories of GIANTS
Author Christopher Rawson
Publisher USBORNE
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis This story is about the giant.  Do you what to know more about them? 

Some giants are naughty, some are foolish, but they’re all big.  These tales tell how a kind giant called a troll helped a poor fisherman, and how three wicked giants met a grisly end.

How do the giants look like?  What do they do with different people?  Do the giants good or bad?  If you want to know, please go to the library and borrow this interesting book. 

Usborne young reading books combine good stories with easy reading text.  For readers who are growing in confidence, try the exciting stories in Series Two.  You may have lots of fun for reading the stories.



Recommended by Ms Ng Wing Yin, Priscilla
Title The Clumsies Make A Mess Of The Zoo
Author Sorrel Anderson
Publisher HarperCollins Children’s Books
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.5-6 students
Synopsis This book is about 2 funny talking mice (the Clumsies), a mean boss (Mr Bullerton), a dog-sized elephant, and a funny man called Howard. 

One day, when their boss, Mr Pullerton, has nervous exhaustion and decides to take a long break from work, the Clumsies and the others plans to visit the zoo. They are excited about their trip to the zoo, but when they arrive the animals are in hiding, Raspberry the giraffe is missing, and much to Mickey Thompson's horror the ice-cream kiosk is closed! Can the Clumsies sort out this mess - or just make a much bigger one?

This book is divided into three brilliant stories which are all hilarious and interesting to read! The illustrator has planned the pages with interest on every page. The interest may be a pencil drawing, interesting type face on specific words and different font size. Go to the library and join their silly adventure, you will find it funny and engaging!



Recommended by Ms Li Kwok Yan
Title Dolphin Boy
Author Michael Morpurgo and Michael Foreman
Publisher Andersen Press
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis Once upon a time, there’s a little fishing village and there’s a boy called Jim.  One morning, he was walking along the beach and he saw something lying in the sand amongst the seaweed.  It was a dolphin!
 He then ran to school and asked for help.  With a hundred hands lifting together, they soon carried the dolphin down to the sea and let the waves wash over him.  Everyone was happy that the dolphin could return to the sea but Jim wanted him to come back again.  He kept thinking of the dolphin so he ran back to the beach and cried.  Will the dolphin come back to find Jim?  Will there be anything special happen to the village?  If you’re interested in what happened in the end, come and find out the answer from the library!



Recommended by Ms So Wai In
Title The Smug Pug
Author Anna Wilson
Publisher Macmillan Children’s Books
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis Pippa Peppercorn is a regular school girl who is almost eleven years old.  She lives in a small town called Crumbly-under-Edge, and she never likes going to school… until one day, when a new classmate turns up! Everything has changed since then.

Tallulah Foghorn and her little puppy, Smug, soon became her favourite.  Pippa started liking school because it is fun to be with her new friends.  Later, she learnt that not only can smug speak, but he is an inventor!  Pippa introduced the duo to Mrs Fudge, her adult friend, who runs a lovely Salon.  She hopes that Tallulah and Smug can invent something to help Mrs Fudge run her business and get more rest.  Did it work or fail?  Come borrow this book and find out!

If you like the book, you may even check out the writer Anna’s collection, because all her books are about animals and pets, which I am sure are equally engaging!



Recommended by Ms Chau Kwok Yuen, Adige
Title National Geographic Kids: Real Animal Heroes
Author National Geographic Kids Editing Team
Publisher National Geographic Kids:
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis This is surely a real gem for the animal lovers! It is just like a treasure box with lots of lovely and fun stuff such as a mystery story about the statues on Easter Island, Koala Rescue and underground cities for the future.

You can also find weird but true facts around the world and cool inventions in the magazine. If you are keen on games, there are more than enough games to keep you entertained.   

There are also fun facts and colourful photos of animals in the real world too. Make a trip to the library to grab this magical edition! You will find yourself wanting to read more editions of National Geographic Kids to keep yourself well informed. After all, you are one of the whizkids of the 21st Century and the I.T. Generation, aren’t you?



Recommended by Ms Wong Yeuk Sze
Title Jurassic World
Author David Lewman
Publisher Random House
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis Twenty years ago, Dr John Hammond had a dream: a theme park on Isla Nublar where visitors from all over the world could experience the thrill and awe of witnessing actual dinosaurs.  Now his team had finally become a reality.  The new theme park, built on the original site of Jurassic Park, creates a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur, which escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.  Can the visitors manage to escape? What will happen to the hybrid dinosaur?  Come & check it out.



Recommended by Ms Chau Kwok Yuen, Adige
Title An Elephant on Mars
Author Storybox Editing Team
Publisher Storybox
Borrowed from School Library
Audience P.4-6 students
Synopsis In this magical edition of Storybox, there is a matrix of stories and games for you to explore! Stories with colourful illustrations will make your reading fun and interesting!

Apart from stories, you can find an exciting mission of designing your own space mission patch, as well as games to joining dots and untangling objects! If you are keen on comics, there is a series of comics called Samsam in the magazine.

There are also fun facts about animals in the real world too. Don’t miss out on this exciting edition of Storybox! Come and find out more from the treasure box for magazines near the checkout counter in the library!

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