English Speaking Day
2022-10-31 (星期一)
Ghostly greetings to you all! Our English Speaking Day was held on 31st October! Students gained great opportunities to build their interest and confidence in learning English on that day. They looked amazing in their favourite Halloween costumes! The event was filled with a variety of activities including exciting game booths, spooky craft making, film shows and interactive games. This year, students could also redeem a Halloween Fun Card (special edition) if they could complete the missions in Halloween Passport. Students showed their active participation and had a delightful time together. We would like to thank all parents, teachers and English Ambassadors for their great assistance in our event. We wish you a boo-tiful Halloween! ** Halloween Video: https://youtu.be/XwEjpbrvYwM
Art and Craft
Creepy Halloot (iPad)
Game Booth
Ghastly Match and Mssion Game
Halloween Fun
Parent Helper
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